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PostPosted: Sat May 29, 2021 2:33 pm 
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This thread is a perfect companion to my other Natural Farming thread (by Masanobu Fukuoka)
The life wisdom, the look at our current matrixes is spot-on. (IT'S NOT JUST A FARMING BOOK ! :mrgreen:)

Standard info :
Their very informative YT channel : ... kIyyaeEGxw (you have playlists with lectures in different languages)
Amazon link : ... 8989220203
You can easily "find the e-book online".

Little synopsis from the back-cover:
JADAM’s ultimate objective is to bring farming back to farmers. Through JADAM’s method,
farming can become ultra-low-cost, completely organic, and farmers can once again become
the masters of farming. Farmers will possess the knowledge, method and technology of farming.
When organic farming becomes easy, effecive and inexpensive, it can finally become a
practical alternative. Farmers, consumers and Mother Nature will all rejoice in this splendid
new world
Now, some quotes from the book (the reasons why you need to read it even though you don't care about farming ;)).
What does “JADAM” mean? It is short for our Korean full name Jayonul Damun Saramdul.
This name means “people who are like nature.” Yes, we are the nature-like people who believe in and follow the wisdom of nature.
In nature’s wisdom lies the path to high yield, high quality and low cost.
The JADAM system is constantly evolving.
It is not only about techniques; it is a methodology, a principle, a philosophy, or more precisely a spirit.
The person should not seek to monopolize knowledge but rather to mutually share and open.
Also, one should remember to resemble, respect and love nature rather than conquer, destroy and exploit it.
There is so much more to learn from nature than any human teacher can teach.
If you are a farmer, devote yourself to farming at least 8 hours per day: from sunrise to 4pm, work at least 8 hours, focusing on farming.
Work hard and think innovatively.
Seek improvements and develop new methods.
Always experiment, study and learn.
Organic farming is: treating nature as your teacher (“Do as nature does”); understanding crops by understanding my body (“I and others are one”); and living without leaning to any biases (“Good and bad are one”).
Laozi taught me to make JADAM organic farming like water; so that ultra-low-cost method will seep into farmers.
Water does not conlict yet it conquers.
So I decided that JADAM’s system should be SESE (simple, easy, scientific, effective).
When knowledge becomes simple and easy, people will acquire it.
When people acquire knowledge, they seize power.
This is not something that the power group would want.
I have fear, rather not of my demise, but of this knowledge being lost or destroyed.
Our JADAM office consists only of a small number of staff, but the network of JADAM is huge; we have tens of thousands of farmers on the field, experimenting, searching, developing, reporting back and sharing their knowledge.
That is how we advance.
JADAM promotes four aims:
Simple: principles are simple
Easy: easy to make
Scientific: methodology is scientific
Effective: process is highly effective and low-cost
“The good and the bad are one” can be used to mean that what is sacred (religious) and what is secular are one and inseparable.
It can further mean that good and bad, right and wrong, good and evil, heaven and hell are actually one.
Oxygen is a necessity for sustaining life but if you intake excessively, active oxygen will form in the course of metabolism which may inflict serious damage on your cells.
Water is an absolute need for plants but too much will drown them.
Anything that is good will turn bad if not applied in the appropriate amount.
This holds true for everything.
This division of good and bad has always been behind the history of human kind.
Wars between religions and nations never went on without labeling “us” as good and “them” as evil.
Tyrannies in the world use dualism to support their power.
Separation of good and evil has an inherent nature of justifying war and violence.
Approximately 2,000 years ago, the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha were based on people’s everyday lives.
They spoke words of common sense for common people to understand.
Truth melted into the followers’ soul so that their bodies became churches and temples.
There was not even the thinnest barrier between God and I.
But what happened as religions “developed”? They established sophisticated doctrines and made truth inaccessible to any individual who sought guidance.
Religions, that have survived and evolved to this modern day, are so complicated and difficult that a seeker will never find the truth despite a life-long search.
Farming is turning into something similar. So is modern medicine.
Religions actually inhibit people from being able to stand up strong in the world; medical professions actually deter people from acquiring the ability to take care of their own health; agricultural practice actually blocks farmers from becoming masters of their own farming.
This wise farmer is aware that too much of any “good” thing will be “bad”; and will always be on the Middle Way.
As this farmer ages, s/he gains more wisdom from farming; that wisdom penetrates through all other facets of life. Knowledge in farming directly becomes knowledge of life.
Farming begins with simple principles. What is visible (building) represents what is invisible (foundation).
Plants are smart; they look at where they are growing and grow only to the extent that is possible.
Some argue that health runs in the family because of the DNA, but that is not true. Even DNA can change according to the environment.
Health is neither accidental nor destined; it is the result of effort. How you eat, drink, exercise, move your body, and operate your mind all matter.
It is not because the crop was unlucky that it fell sick. Look at what kind of environment your crop is in.
JADAM cannot stress this enough:
Microbial balance and diversity is the key to soil health.
Nutritional balance and diversity is the key to crop growth.
Once you grasp this, you will be finally freed from this dreadful “complicated” farming.
JADAM’s ultra-low-cost agriculture is easy.
Those who teach complicated theories might be the people most ignorant.
Those who know no other way than to speak of truth in a difficult way might not know the truth at all.
The truth about the truth is that it is like water; it lows along the way. Without complicated theories these truths can low into our hearts.
Truthful methods of farming are all the same: easy and plain. If you cannot understand, the problem could lie in that knowledge, not you.
Why do religions become complicated?
Religious-business group are the people who develop extremely complicated forms of religion that can successfully block ordinary people from communicating directly with god.
Medical-business group work hard to dissuade people from taking care of their own health, convincing that they need to rely on the experts – and buy from them.
Agro-business group make simple things hard, easy things complicated until farmers have completely lost confidence in farming – and buy inputs from them.
People are lost and lonely. So much of the real world can be seen from the operation of agro-business groups.
If only we, together, can change agriculture, we go one step closer to changing the world.
I have, of course, not quoted any practical info on his recipes as it's not the subject of the forum.
Please read the book if you are a farmer or interested in this.

As always : "Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own" ;)

Giving others the freedom to be stupid is one of the most important and hardest steps to take in spiritual progress.
Conveniently the opportunity to take that step is all around us every day.

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Recommend a read of this, for both gardeners and those without green fingers.

Gems contained within.

In building a statue, a sculptor doesn't keep adding clay to his subject.He keeps chiseling away at the inessentials until the truth of its creation is revealed without obstructions. Perfection is not when there is no more to add,but no more to take away.

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