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 Post subject: It's Picking Up...
PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2016 5:08 am 
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So I know it's been some time since my last post but I made it a point to myself to make sure I post more value worthy content. If one person finds this useful than I am content.

As some knew beforehand I recently started talking with my ex( ... ime+coming)

She's was basically back at this time before I truly knew better my unicorn(

But basically now her MV has dropped significantly and she's put on weight and she has a kid. Nothing in her favor I decided to really just deal with her to better understand myself in how I compare now with myself back then with my interactions with women.

She lives in on the other side of the continent so not much physical interaction right now until my financial game has stepped up. So we've just been contacting via text and phone calls whenever we both have spare time, it's been cool but gets old quick mostly because my focus has been on just improving me so I haven't really had a chance to step up on phone game because I don't want to focus on too many new things I have enough on my plate.

I got her to start doing and supporting somewhat my current career its been a really slow build up gaining momentum! So right now it's been ho hum at best, nothing exciting. I will probably visit her sometime this summer to see how well we mesh currently and if we can make things work as we currently are. ( I doubt it mostly because I'm not into raising another mans kid).

Now I felt like this was more of a Rion scenario (Shoutout to Sniper :lol: :lol: :lol: ) and mostly because she is Chinese she lives in New York and speaks broken English. It took me a bit to pick up it mostly because I thought I was scaring her come to find to she was into the chocolate sending me photos of her in a bikini! She was giving me all the tools to communicate with her no matter what! She's a deal sealer! Trying my best to stay in contact with this one but right now as far as I can tell it may not work, :ugeek: Oh well on to the next.

Not too sure about this one but I'm very certain this 3rd one that recently contacted me through FB wants the D! My radar immediately went off because she was talking about hiking something I don't really do or care for and I knew she didn't know me that well or she wouldn't have picked something like that. I'm thinking in my head we haven't talked in over a decade why invite me randomly to something I really don't care nothing for out of the blue. Then I figured this must be her excuse to want to get together with me in a scenario to experience some testosterone!

I don't know where this one will go but truthfully I don't care I am focused on me, myself, and I; I don't have time for distractions my goal right now is to experience life and be self sufficient nothing more nothing less, but it is nice to know I am attractive to women. :mrgreen:

I've also noticed although too early to tell that my base f women is changing from middle to high class black women to more of a more international base I got so far Brazilian, Chinese, White(especially), Spanish! I recently went to a Spanish club and there were 2 women that were dancing next to me that wanted me to holla. I didn't because I did not know how to dance Spanish music or merengue, it was alright though I still had fun.

I might become an international pimp tight renaissance man! :mrgreen: :lol: 8-)

~There's weakness in the hearts of all humans are you afraid to acknowledge yours... ~
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