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 Post subject: Long Time Coming...
PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:18 am 
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I know I've said I post about my experience since being on here but things got overwhelming and I needed to step away. It's basically been quite some time since I posted up anything of any substance so kickback and enjoy my long past overdue post.

This was basically around the time I began practicing martial arts. I felt I needed to something more to do than read theory and other people's experiences and hearsay so I wanted to start with building my confidence and go from there. The current system I'm in I am very grateful to happen upon it was definitely learning lessons I appreciated.

The stuff on here definitely carried over to it but it definitely teaches life skills in a way that I needed and you won't find in too many places. My sensei like the Kidd reads people very well and also very confident and prideful. I didn't understand about Pride until Master explain what that meant. Which helped me understand The Kidd more because he was always quick to shut some one down when it comes to certain things .

I also remember how many of the past members expressed that you shouldn't show emotion and again I thought it was because of some sort of false bravado, but more importantly I thought you were suppressing your true self. In my eyes and a different spin to this was actually a lot more credible reason behind it, people are overall negative and damn near spiteful they walk around carrying boulders on their shoulders. If people for whatever reason don't like you or just looking to start some nonsense, or see any weakness of any kind they will expose it and take full advantage, if you are positive, people will think something is wrong with you; because there is something about you they simply hate they will find a way to bring you down.

I also found out how truly important it is to surround yourself with like minded positive people if you're surrounded by 9 negative people you will be the 10th and vice Versa when it comes to a positive life. I also learned there's no such thing as a quick fix. No matter what you pursue that shit will take work!! I put it into the perspective of working out and martial arts no matter why you do there are things you will have to adjust because whatever goal or dream you are wanting to make happen it must be a lifestyle and you must develop conducive habits toward achieving the goal(s).

I truly believe it's very important to develop and become independent and develop relationships that are interdependent for no man is an island. I definitely learned that the hard way as the saying goes if you end up chasing two rabbits you will end up with none. I find myself more and more that there is only so much time in a day and to be truly great at something I need to put all my focus on my chosen craft. I need to learn and study as much as I can if I want to be a master and stay relevant.

Now for the thing that matters most on here The women! Truthfully I was at a point of frustration when it came to them. I believe around age 27 was when I interacted with the woman I was beginning to like anyway I noticed she was fading more and more and I feeling she stop altogether and surely enough it did. I was upset but not angry if anything it was a learning experience. After her I didn't want nothing else to do with females I just left them alone and interacted with them when I had to.

I decided since nothing significant was changing in this part of life I would just focus on becoming better for myself and let it all go I was somewhat bitter about it but it was like I died and just put my focus on myself and it became freeing! I even let my skills of observation back slide and just got tunnel vision which now that I think about it I missed quite a few opportunities. But I didn't care I didn't develop the social skills to deal with it and I wasn't in a place to.

Now my current situation is my ex wants to get back with me 2 major things is against her.

1). She is located to the west coast 2). She has a kid

I don't have a problem with either really because I don't have to be directly involved our connection is the same but neither of us are the same. I agree to the long distance thing because 1)I don't have any energy or time to deal with nonsense 2) I could learn to become a man of relationship quality and become better 3) Work on my mouthpiece

She is what you call a glitch in the system she doesn't play games and she keeps it real so right now in the place I'm in this works perfectly for me. Although she is more aggressive than I remembered. Considering the MV all of it is in my favor.

1) I am the most normal guy she's dealt with. 2 )No other prospects

So I decided to use this situation to my advantage and roll with it instead of bringing her down I decided to build her up and we'll see from there. She is also a lot more talkative than I am used to because she's practically texting me everyday and wants a call once a week and FaceTime as well. A bit more than what I wanted but I did technically agree to a relationship so I will give it my best.

The lessons I learned from all of this:

1) Belief: This has been an eye opener for me I had no idea how severely lacking I was when it came to trusting myself it's getting better but I still have quite a ways to go.

2) Mindset: It was emphasized on here quite a bit but what I learned from martial arts was that it must always be positive! Does it mean I won't go through anything?! Of course not but it does mean I can do things better and more possible than I thought previously.

3) Faith: even if you can't see it at that time doesn't mean it won't happen I have to keep going and don't look back. Failure is an event it's not a person, be flexible and learn from them because eventually it will lead to success!

4) Never Settle: As long as I am still breathing there is work to done

5)Commitment Don't take on anything half hearted put of you into it! No excuse is acceptable if there is something you want bad enough.

~There's weakness in the hearts of all humans are you afraid to acknowledge yours... ~
Mr. Todo

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