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PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 4:08 am 
This is a prelude to a longer post I have coming, which details why the clout solves so much.

I think a lot of people on the forum are getting the reason why you do inner work wrong. Sure inner work is good to do in it's on, but eastern philosophy self-contained is as much as a trap as doing the concepts outlined solely for women.

If you think no-plan is the plan. You're wrong.

If you think all plan is the plan and it's linear. You're wrong.

There's really a Trinity where every part of you has to be used to it's fullest potential to maximize not yourself.

There is your spirituality, relationships, mind and emotions. Then there is wealth. Then there is health.

We all know what all mind does. Take me as an example. I was and still am egotistical, but I use my ego now as way to learn more.

I use my emotions now as a way to learn more.

I even use my clout path as a way to learn more.

I even use my health to learn more.

By all accounts, I was dealt a super super great hand in life to start. I played my hand mediocre for a while and it got worse. I now have an abysmal hand, but I'm playing as best as I can on all levels.

Do my results reflect the play? Not yet. This is a long-term game. It's not as long as everyone thinks. It's not a game that lasts all life. It's a game on the mind factor that lasts until you are mentally an adult. It's an emotional game that lasts until you are good enough emotionally. It's a wealth/clout game that lasts until you reach the freedom you desire. It's a health game that lasts until you're maintaining necessary well being levels.

Here's the lowdown:

Emotions won't get you far.
Mental concept's won't get you far.
Wealth won't get you far.
Health won't get you far.

You have to have all three areas in mind when you're doing everything.

The clout path solves most things because if you're doing it you're keeping your mental/emotional, wealth, and health considerations together.

The clout path is really not interchangeable with direct wealth.

An athlete is XYZ pro-athlete and has limitations on mental concepts. He's still successful because it takes so much to get there.

A business man is XYZ business and has limitations on wealth dictated by niche and mentality.

An employee has limitations on wealth and health.

Whatever path you want needs an exit strategy to maximize your freedom.

More freedom = better mind/emotions
More freedom = better health because of free time to exercise
More freedom = money commensurate with freedom sought after.

How long does this game last?

1 - 8 years. That's all.

Doubt if me you will. There's proof in the pudding with anyone who has maximized their potential.

If you're 16 in high school. You should be done by 24.

If you're 24, done by 32.

If you're 32, done by 40 and right on time to have payback to everyone who dissed you.

The experience that taught me all of this came from when I pretty much checked out of everything like 6 months ago.

I'm trying to condense my time to reap "the dream" down to 1 year.

There will be more details in a practical and philosophical way soon.

This is all.

If you don't believe me, you need to understand that your reality has to crack in all three areas. This can and does happen simultaneously.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

The world/universe isn't vengeful. It's benevolent when it comes to past choices. It's forgiving. People are not forgiving though. Your path shouldn't depend on any one person.

You can crack your reality/delusions one of three ways: all action no reflection, all reflection no action, and action with reflection.

The fastest way may surprise you lol.

Edit: you also need a plan that transcends years not months, weeks, or days.

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