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PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:28 am 

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Hey, don't jugde. When you ain't got no Fans... you gotta Twerk to make it Raaaaiiiinnnn.... That's Right!! You gotta be Your Own CheerLeader... and the Best One at that ;)

Thread: "I only have ONE Rule!!"
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I only have ONE Rule
The GK2 wrote: *
I only have ONE Rule!!

Garnicle: "I only have ONE Rule"
Ted: Make each night Legendary?
No... My other 1 One Rule!
Never say NO to a Sure Lay?

No... My other 1 One Rule!
Respect The Playbook more than your Life?

No... My other 1 One Rule..
Ted: Bro... I've got lieik 13eeiish more right here and 2+2 really Goooffyyy ones.. Even for you!!:

*Ted Takes out his Notebook...*

GentZzzz & PiMPZZMM


"I only have ONE Rule"
- by G-a-Nikklleee
CAUSE his Advice ain't Worth a Niikkleee!!

1 Have Patience... Omega wins the long game
2 No NEED to be a Health Freak either... Live Well, cause we dunnt know how Looooong
3 There are enough Stress in this World as is... So Wind Down.
4 [Don't wear a Wind Down Omega (Quartz for the Win Ya'll)]

5 Enjoy that Drink... Slowly.. While you Think... Deeply
  • ...or Dance... Slowly
  • Actually she will Dance... You will just...

6 Respect your Teachers!
7 Respect your Elders! Everybody makes mistakes... No NEED to hurt anybody's FEELINGS! :geek:
8 That's some BAD Karma right there! :ugeek:

9 There are only Two kinds of People in this World... The Deseased and The Alcoholics.
- So... Red or Blue Pill??
- - - If Red Pill:
  • ○ A: Choose your Poison!!
  • ○ B: My Reccomentation: a Green Cannabis Drink.. Called Sukha (Shaheedi Degh).. It's UNIQUE because: it Affects ONLY the Mind... NOT the Body 8-)

10 Sex w/o Connection... is Not Worth It!!
11 Take Cold Showers... and Come out as a MAN!!

12 Do Yoga! Seriously... It's not only for Females.. there are MANY different types!! Check out the Indian Traditions!!
  • ○ Yoga = Meditation, Souls meets Body, Excersice.
  • ○ --> You'll get UNREAL strentgh (check out my long Sanatan Shashtar Vidiya video)!!

13 Pick Yoga chickzz :P
  • ○ They should be more Pleasent.. in theory at least :roll:

14 NEVER miss a Star Wars Movie!! EVER!!
15 NEVER miss a Batman Movie either!!
16 Don't Watch Episode 1 - 3.. UNLESS they Go at it again.. From Scratch!!!
17 Movies are Cool, but only SOME!! EITHER Eagle it Down... or IMAX the Shit out of it!!
18 Don't Dress to Impress... Dress to Cloak it ya'll!!
  • ○ Cause.. Those who're made of Gold... don't need no Jewelry 8-) :mrgreen: |||💛💛💛||| :mrgreen: 8-)

Garnicle: Actually.. no, it's something else.

My one 1 Rule is... [to be Continued]

(Cause no one's NEwer Really Done)

Topic: "Alpha vs Omega (StoryTime!!)"
---> Board index » Your experiences and stories
The GK2 wrote: *
Storytime buy GK: Monkey vs Tiger (Alpha vs Omega )

In honour of my Bigg Broo... You know the name!! Just KiDDing!!

Featuring Animals
- Monkey 🦈
- Tiger 🐊

So once there was this Monkey, who befriended this Tiger. It was cool, new friendsships often are... this one was Promising for many reasons.

The Tiger used to say: One can only have 3-4 Real Bro'zz... I tend to agree.

Anyway... The invetiable happened.

Tiger & Monkey are sitting and Reading.

All of a sudden Monkey gets a slap in the back head!!
Monkey looks up... And a nice Gazell looking is into TG's eyes, smiling.

Some other minor disrespect keeps happening... (verbal)

Then, one day he snatched of my New York Yankee of me. I try to do the same, but he take hols of my hans (he is stronger, Martial Artist - I play Sports for fun). I keep trying, he pins them down against me.

Bad move Bro.

I slip out my hand... And slap him. Not hard... About 1 1/4 (off 10) in power. Just enough to say "enough".

He looks at me... Not much expression... Maybe a tint of sadness. Mine: shrugging.. You asked for it.

We didn't speak for months after that. I then decided to give him another chance, invited him + some banter.

We started working on some stuff... But it was apparent that he hadn't learned. He was like... This ain't gonna work, if you don't do what I tell you to do.

I could't believe it... Can't you really don't see that I am the intelligent one? YOU should do what I tell you to do.

Anyway... He was Reliable this one last time. I needed something... I asked to give it ASAP. He waited several days... But admit fault.

I decided then and there. Was cold like, Nice knowing you... This Ain't gonna work. Buy buy.



Years have past... And perhaps he's heard about me now. Keeps asking to meet up... I was gonna, but HE cancelled

Then I got busy... And he keeps askin'. Might meet him, might not. That's not the Point of the story though.

I used to Love Sipping away at that Cocktrail... Alone. Usually a girly cocktal at that, vodka, orange juice, straw berry flavour. Alcohol is actually kinda liek that Special Juice for us INTP's especially... We tend to go from Dr. Jekyll to Hide... Sky Nerd to Live of the Party. Can't beleive I didn't use it more during the years...

Anyway.. I digress....

Those were the only time I'd get Emotional enough to Cry... Now I can get there anytime. Have had to Left some Great Bro's lately... Since the Path needed it... Still feel bad, when I think of it... Especially since I just.. Well... Left

But With Family... There's no Good Bye..

Thank you.. Each and Every one of you... For Everything
Hounrable Mentions:
	Kingg Kidd + PereGrinuss!! 
	.......................................................... Star_Above (get it :-D)....................................................
	- Sniper - Flow83 - Zogler - Dali - Fufe - Altair - og GK :P (looking aobce, get it??? :-P  :-P) - Jared - Slim_Titan - CalliBoy - Ressonance - GoldenBoy -  The Pokemon Trainer - Scarf - TheKing_65 - Moose65 - Sai - theDude - 
	+ Many many Old Schools that came & went 
	+ Many many many other Braathers... The Lurkers..?we cannot see!? Yes you too!!!
	+ Many I've may have forgotten the names of.. You GUYS too!!!

I'll Love you from afar... the Mind says..
the Heart?? we'll meet on the other side... Sooner rather than Later

My Heartfell Apoogies to all the Mistakes I've made... Everybody I've hurt... Either Knowingly or un-Knowingly

All of you are Blessed to be here... So Stay Blessed... and Keep Rising Forward

Until Next Time...



don't be kiDDin' all the time... Braathers gotta zzleeep too
Topic: "Always leave them... . DANCING ya'LL!!!!"

--- --> Board index » Your experiences and stories
The GK2 wrote: *
Always leave them... . :)

________ ________ ------------ ------------ ------------ ________ ________ FiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilLER

Fidpal | Bhangra | Badfella The Sidhu Moose Wala Mix | Official Dance

FIDPAL & BHANGRA BY CHRISTINE | Laissez Moi Tranquille | Maître Gims

^^ French-Version w/ Danish Guurl

Fidpal & Juhee Pahuja | Bhangra | Best Of 2018 | DJ Frenzy

Phamour hurt-HiPP' + grass-HoPPer ya'll wrote:
Black on Black... You know who's that's for
Black n' Yellow, Black n' Yellow,Black n' Yellow...

Blacks be Straight out Pimpin... Whereever they GO!!


.. ..Laughing MORE!! :lol: :lol: :lol:



star wars teaser ix + phun pOOOlllllll
Topic: "Always leave them... . DANCING ya'LL!!!!"

---->>>>Board index » Movies, Books, Music, web ... dnomore?

The Rise of Skywalker (iXd)... how will it be?

LEGEND *wait until X-Mas for it*.... who? Tha COW!!

EPIC.. no... I *just* got it.. Really! SKYPIC!! :-O

Liek oollld Scotch (22 yr)... it will be Gr.. no wait... RRIIIIIIIIIISSSSEEEE

Bruh.. ypu can'the FORCE us to Play uour stoooopiid games (# Power Games)

It's a Straw Man's Argument

ALL of the Above... including The Nerd w/o a Fuunny Bone

It will SHINE so Hard.. YOUR Mama would be needin those Ray Bans 13 iX

[empty seat]

It will be So Terrible.. it will actually be FUNNY
mE just be :shock: by the i-maX experience

Imma Gonna Sleep in Line for Premiere Tickets (#We are NERDS, and aint ASHAMED about it) + (BONUS: gonna Pick Up Chicks in a St.W-costume
^^ The Above 've got 1 Vote (leading: score 100 % !!!!)

You may select up to 3 options

Total votes: 1


just some phOOOOOOOUUUUUn meemeee's # Myeer Biggs
Topic: "Seeking workplace advice"
--- --> Board index » Your experiences and stories

-- ... start=20

^^ Meme's in the Link (hopefully still there). PAGE 2/2!!


Letzz Play soon agaaaiinnnn... what??

Drink &...






3Hearingstoriesabouttheirgrandparents,madethesonsintogreatsons.Allgreatheroesadoredheroeswhotheyregardedas 13xGreater thanthemselves-theGreatBeingsoftheFuturesPast-totheirlastbreath. :geek:

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