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PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:24 pm 
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I will recap the first two parts :
You have to "Achieve the vibe of contentment".
You have to accept reality EXACTLY as it is.

The Kidd!! : We don't need namby pambys here anyway...we need MEN who are receptive to coming to terms with what is quite frankly a very harsh reality.

The Kidd!! : This forum gets real world RESULTS that are PERMANENT. If they are that damn soft then they can keep their candy asses over there and keep on helping women all over the world make choosing me over them a NO BRAINER.

The Kidd!! : Yes...all of you...this is just a natural part of the process. There are some very hard truths that you MUST accept...but once you do, then things become REALLY interesting indeed.
It's what I've been saying the whole time, Dr.'s not about giving them what they's about meeting their NEEDS.

The key is that once the shock and anger subsides, like Neo, you will instead focus on being amazing within The Matrix...and learn to reverse the game on women to get them on YOUR terms.

Its a whole different way of dealing with them that will clash with your freshly violated core values...but once you make peace with that, the world will be your oyster.
The Kidd!! : This is a TRUE secret society...from your mom telling you the 'best' way to impress a girl to your girlfriends friends telling her how to keep you in check, to the media and all this girl power crap...only a few can recognize game and circumvent this Matrix that has enveloped us from the moment the doc cut the cord and laid us in our mother's really is that all encompassing. :ugeek:
Scarf wrote:
The reason why we call it the Matrix is because it can be controlled. Even more astonishingly, it can be controlled with your mind/body/emotions.

Women are trained to be more in touch with their emotions, that is how they take control. It's really as simple as that. If you are not in touch with your emotions, then use your mind to control it.

Being mad at something you can control is like getting mad at your own arm for moving.
Mostly well put. What we as men have in our favor is that while women are ruled by emotion, men are ruled by logic. The social matrix attempts to make men more emotional, which puts us at women's mercy, because they OWN the emotional realm.

Logic > a man, trust your gut and good things will happen for you. 8-)
You guys are going the wrong way...the Matrix in our case IS reality. Space is a tool used to help influence events within the exploitable glitch of many, if you will. The sooner you guys stop trying to beat it and instead EMBRACE it and work to become proficient at bending its rules for your benefit instead of letting it frustrate you...influencing what you can control and releasing attachment to what cannot be controlled...the sooner you will be more contented with life. :ugeek:

The effects of being a man on women :

MUST SEE THREAD : a Little Gem from a seduction forum

Also :
Kidd and Grinus's combo wrote:
I'm getting back in to PU
The Kidd!! wrote:
By becoming your own best friend...because then you give off what I refer to as "The Vibe of Contentment". This is the same vibe most guys give off when they are in a relationship, and they wonder why when they finally have a girlfriend that it seems that every woman in the world wants them then.

I enjoy my me time immensely. Then again, I understand that some of you guys in here are still virgins and what not...nothing against that (I was until I was outta high school and in community college), but it's a lot easier done than said when you already know what you are missing.

So, I will say this: If you have yet to have been with a woman, then do what you feel you have to do to make that happen. If you have, then focus on yourself and give them the chance to make it happen for YOU.
Nicely put Kidd.

"The vibe of contentment" is very important in my view and experience. Probably one of the single most important things, because of how you got there and the place you are in to have it. Women have a really strong radar for it, it seems.

My me time is very important to me. Being in and out of relationships, if anything, has made me value it even more when I am in one and also when not in one and away from work and other commitments.

Regarding the last bit, something I have been saying for ages, got flamed for it repeatedly elsewhere:

Give them space, they will want to blossom and seduce YOU.

They want to seduce YOU, not the other way around.

They want to win the man of their desires over, they want a challenge, they want the victory and the reward at the end.

They want the feeling that they have won something that is precious and has taken notice of them personally.

(on another level to help, they are used to being chased, pursued, bought, pandered to.. They are not used to it being the other way around even though that is the thing that really gets them going and gives them something to invest their time and emotions into)

Women want to entice you, seduce you and work their magic on *YOU*, you have to give them the 'space' to work in and recognise that in themselves. If you do they will blossom before your very eyes.
Simple pieces of wisdom :
Traits? It really just boils down to confidence and have to love yourself before others can love you. Confidence can manifest itself in many forms...strong yet relaxed and open body language is one manifestation of it. But basically, once you become your own best friend, achieve the Vibe of Contentment and no longer TRULY care about whether you deal with women or not (indifference) is usually when they start just swarming you.
The Kidd!! : Moral of this story? A woman will only be able to get what you allow her to have. Once you lose the fear of losing them, they gain the fear of losing you.

The Kidd!! : Yep...when you give a woman the space to be herself...and can observe well enough to address her, that is when the magic truly happens.

The Kidd!! : Bottom line: I DO NOT CHASE PUSSY...PUSSY CHASES ME....and trust me, there is a BIG difference.

The Kidd!! : Funny thing is, once I truly didn't care whether I got laid or not, opportunities would present themselves.

I'll take this quote by Azriel to expand the following :
Azriel : Indifference + Space + having my own life= tail but who really cares?

Indifference, contentment is already talked about.

Threads on Space :

Foundation, Patience, and Space....
See Kidd's and Grinus's posts

Space wins Is it really that easy ? ;)

Does an indifferent man fill space ?
See Scarf's post
Grinus wrote:
psychological space

Once you accept yourself and stop trying to qualify yourself to her, you will give her more space as a byproduct. It is also something you can do consciously on the way. I would really recommend trying to do it the right way, by working on yourself first, it will happen then naturally.
[quote=""Scarf and Star_Above"]Does an indifferent man fill space

Scarf :
To answer your question:

Almost at all times when you are completely and totally relaxed.

Almost never when you are nervous, apprehensive, self conscious, outcome dependant etc etc etc.

When you are totally relaxed, you are the space.


Star_Above :
Filling space never "works" in the context of attraction. If you have the right mindset you will naturally create space, but it's good to know what creating space looks like as well in the beginning.

One always fills space and one always creates it (Or is forced to because of the other one filling)'s a must, like night and day, a balance in can't jump and then fall up.

This should be a homework assignment, list the ways to create space (While still being on the radar, which is important) with girls, people in general.[/quote]
Star_Above wrote:
character inside of the matrix

Space is the ultimate way to exploit the glitches with ones are so use to having guys up their asses all the time that when you give space with them onlookers are gonna witness you flying.
Grinus wrote: ... 9065#p9065

Give her the gift of:

Having the space to express her feelings and emotions (without you taking ownership of them)
Not having to deal with a deluge of emotions from you

Desiring you more than you desire her
Being more attracted to you than you are to her
Being more invested in you than you are in her
Being more aroused by you than you are by her
Being more committed to you than you are to her
Missing you
Wanting you
Wondering how much you are into her

Telling her off (calmly and unemotionally) when she does something wrong
Keeping strong boundaries and sticking to them
Treating her like a silly girl when she acts like one
Treating her like a naughty girl when she acts like one
Rewarding her when she does good
Not rewarding behaviours that you dislike

Encouraging her to do things away from you
Doing things away from her
Doing things YOU want to do that she does not want to do, because YOU want to do them
Doing things she suggests only IF you actually want to do them also
Not having you on the end of the phone 24/7
Being unavailable sometimes because you are occupied with other things

Wanting to spend more time with you than she can

Still talking to other women when you are with her
Still Flirting with women and letting them flirt with you
Star_Above wrote:
EVERYONE has insecurities and EVERYONE gets dissed; even the people you look up to like Eminem or whomever...and the people who diss him get dissed, it happens to're fine, there's nothing wrong with you. That is all bitches.

Edit: Oh ya, EVERYONE has girls that aren't interested in them; Kidd, Brad Pitt, George fuck'n're fine, there's nothing wrong with you!
So you have to filter those who are attracted to those who would just make you lose your time, use you to gratify their egos ...

This will be the topic of the next thread.

MEAT = Money, Energy, Attention, and Time

"Just like everything you learn makes you smarter, every experience you have makes you wiser." - Michael Singer

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Aye Goldenboy good post.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 4:50 pm 
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Man...I've said some good shit over the years. :lol:

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

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excellent 8-)

"a sniper is the worst romancer, he never makes the first move"

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