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PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 11:14 am 

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Hey guys long story short the woman who I have traveled with for thr last 6 months broke upwith me 2 months ago.The Airbnb whe shared about a week ago.She said living in the same room with me she felt trapped and does better by herself in solitude and decided to book her own place here for a month.

I stayed present with her the day she left and she said for the first time in awhile she hasnt felt that close to me she broke up with me 2 months ago.That day she left and I stayed present we made out.She even mentioned that someone told her where is her boyfriend and she mentioned I am an hour way.We are both in Mexico

We talked on whatsup appand for the first time since we were together she said I love you for the first couple nights after moving here before I took a cab down here to be closer to her.

She sent me a link to a room next door to her at this apartment complex suggesting that I move there.I came here 3 days ago and on my way here had a gut feeling that she excited once I reciprocated her interest which I dont understand.

[3/21, 00:27] xxx xxx xxxx: Yay ☺️☺️☺️
[3/21, 00:27] xxx xxx xxxx: Oh I have the most ridiculous smile and happy dance right now
[3/21, 00:27] xxx xxx xxxx: Lol
[3/21, 00:28] xxx xxx xxxx: Like we might still not get to see each other all the time cause I'm like always busy now but OMG. We're going to be neighbors!!
[3/21, 00:28] xxx xxx xxxx: I'm so excited 😁😁
[3/21, 00:30] xxx xxx xxxx: Youll be here Sunday?
[3/21, 00:37] David: Happy dance sounds fun...its looking like Monday
[3/21, 00:39] xxx xxx xxxx: Ooh, Monday is perfect! I was actually just considering taking an off day Monday because all I've done since being here is work and I have to focus on tb until the end of Sunday
[3/21, 00:42] David: tb?
[3/22, 12:31] xxx xxx xxxx: Everything going okay? I've been enjoying my independence haha I almost forget how naturally introverted I am. Did something ever happen with your passport?
[3/22, 12:41] David: Yes.I am excited to see you tommorow
[3/22, 12:45] xxx xxx xxxx: 😅 I don't want to get your hopes up too much... Idk how often we'll be able to hang, etc over the month. Every day is highly unlikely... Once a week is a maybe. ...I'm just really busy...and when I'm not I'm recouperating... I just want to be frank and clear
[3/22, 12:50] xxx xxx xxxx: It will be nice to be closer together though 😊

First night I got here we watched Japanese romance movie on a laptop sitting on a desk.She put on lip gloss and 3 times would pause the movie to text someone.

Then she said you look tired you should go to your room.

Ever since I got here she turned away my kiss saying shes not feeling it.

Hasnt invited me over to lay in her bed the 3 days i have been next door to her.

Yesterday she asked if I want to go shopping with her later in the week to which I said yes and also visiting some of the cenotes and caves here.Later on I started having feelings of anger towards her which have been coming to surface

I feel like I got deceived

Not sure if it is wise to pretend to hide my feelings that she hurt me and confront her before going out shopping or anywhere with her.

I was expecting to be in her bed,cuddling making out etc but she doesnt seem to be receptive.Implying to someone covertly that you are a boyfriend over the phone,saying i love you and now acting less interested in my company

Guys would you let her know that she did me wrong?

Telling her something like you wanted me as a boyfriend until I decided to come, then changed your mind after. Is that a fair way to treat someone?

Or did something change between you calling me boyfriend and me arriving ?

Because of the coronavirus and since i paid for this Airbnb
room for 30 days i wont be able to leave anytime soon for the next 27 days or so

Appreciate the help guys

PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:21 pm 
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I would wager you are more angry at yourself than her

In building a statue, a sculptor doesn't keep adding clay to his subject.He keeps chiseling away at the inessentials until the truth of its creation is revealed without obstructions. Perfection is not when there is no more to add,but no more to take away.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 12:20 pm 

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and, TheKing_65

Go ahead and read the whole thread, 2 pages now ... gos#p42243


PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 4:32 pm 

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Just wanted to give you guys an update

Yesterday I was basically told that she prefers online relationships and struggles with face to face communication.And the boyfriend thing was only for spanish communication as she was trying to think of how
to describe me and that it was awkward when
I tried kissing her the first night.Said she sees me as having a servitude role. And feels guilty for using me/still trying to decide where
I would fit

This was after she gave me her credit card to buy her groceries as well as some things for myself i was hurt and got up and left the room after she told me this that the boyfriend thing and kiss was only because she left when she moved out a week ago and meant to be a goodbye kiss.

I didnt realize her invitation for me to come here based on the relationship vibe I got was only when I was at a distance on what'sup app

Mind you we were in a sexual relationship for months until
she broke up with me 2 months ago.

I came here after her renewed interest when I felt something spirtual the day she left asking me to kiss her the sound of the birds and the rythm of the moment

Now I feel heartbroken because i felt that was the start
of our new relationship together.It was the reason I came here

[3/27, 17:18] : I want you to know I wasn't saying any of those things to hurt you. I just wanted to offer you honestly how I'm feeling about all this.. I know it's been a long ride
[3/27, 17:26] : Are you hungry?

Called 3 times

I havent replied

I know this forum talks about honesty and there is part of me that is hurt and saddened.Sharing this with a woman is perceived as weak though I actually woke up physically and emotionally hurting this morning.

I am confused as to what to say if I return her calls

Yesterday and today I am feeling hurt which is why I didnt


Grinus mentioned to only do things with her if you enjoy the

activity which I appreciate.Part of me feels like I owe her an

explanation for not answering her calls.

I have feelings of both wanting companionship and

affection from her as well as disappointment/sadness for

what she has done as I thought in was coming in here as a


Seeking best course of action guys

Appreciate it Guys

PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2020 10:01 pm 

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It’s called 'low romantic interest level'.

All the rest is your 'story' about your interest level in her. ... art#p23319 ... 319#p22911'
One thing you must realize is that women don’t care
how much you like them. They don’t care about your
interest level in them.
They only care about their interest level in you.



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