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 Post subject: Game Foresight
PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 9:45 pm 
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(The below is a post I uploaded on my blog some time ago. I’m sharing it here now.)

Today I was at the grocery store when I spotted this fine ass woman with her mother. The woman was older; I could tell that she was in her 40s. Her mother looked to be in her 70s. Both were dressed like they’d just left somewhere fancy. I was dressed down. I was wearing a t-shirt and some swimming trunks with some old K-Swiss shoes that I call my dust busters. :lol: I walked up to shawty and complimented her on the suit. I inquired had she just left somewhere fancy. She told me that she had. Her and her mother had just left her nephew’s induction ceremony into the Honor’s Society at his high school. I gave shawty props for her nephew. She told me that he’s smart just like his aunt (meaning her). She’d been inducted into Honor’s Society when she was in high school too. I gave her props too. (She was fishing for compliments for herself with that one, but also she was qualifying herself.) Her mother chimed in and added that education is very important and can take you far. I concurred and told her that it is to a certain extent and that she’s right to a certain extent. Her mother recanted her statement and said that it makes things easier, and I told her that she’s right to a certain extent. I told her that right now we have people with bachelors degrees, masters degrees, and doctorates having a difficult time obtaining employment. (I live in a high unemployment city.) Her mother asked me am I in school right now. (I have a young appearance along with a youthful spirit, so this is an expected question.) I told her that I am. I let her know that I already have a bachelors and am working on my masters. (This qualified me, but importantly it also answered her question.) She gave me props on this. I told her though that right now degrees aren’t really the way to go for someone looking to come up; I let her know that right now it’s ideal to go to trade school because trades can be taken anywhere and are always useful. She asked me for an example and I told her carpenters. Afterward she went silent. (I debunked her belief in degrees.) I walked back over to the daughter who I noticed trying to hold back her grin while she was playing in her phone. I let her know that it was nice meeting them and for them to have a great day.

Further Details.

While I was conversing with the mother I noticed that she was moving around a bit; she was shopping. I didn’t follow her around or re-orient myself because it’s possible to hear someone even without looking at them. I also didn’t follow her because I was being symbolic; I wanted her daughter to know that I don’t follow women.

The Breakdown.

Her daughter was trying to hold back her grin while playing in her phone because she was nervous. People fiddle around with things when they become nervous. She saw firsthand how thorough I am and didn’t want to continue looking directly at me because I’d would’ve easily been able to see the desire within her eyes.

Furthermore, (and you have to be able to understand context to get this) women will do symbolic things around you to signify how they really feel without straight-up saying it. For instance, a broad that’s checking you out and begins singing an R&B song about sex is covertly communicating that she’d like to have sex with you which is why she suddenly out of the blue, from just checking you out, began singing about sex. Her singing a song is a covert way of her saying it although she isn’t singing it directly to you. If you think I’m making this up then just think about 1 thing for a second. They stop singing these songs the moment they get away from earshot of you.

With the woman, she began nervously playing in her phone because she wanted to get my number. I chose to bypass on her because her mother is in her 70s and just got her wakeup call today about how her belief in education is exaggerated. The daughter just got her wakeup call too. At the age they are at in life it’s too late to be just now waking up from these things so I knew that if I pulled shawty I’d be waking her up from a lot of things and reprogramming her. For a 20 year old woman to get these wakeup calls is cool, but for a 40 year old woman to get these wakeup calls is unacceptable. Dealing with shawty would’ve amounted to too much time and energy being spent reprogramming someone that’s CHOSEN to remain asleep for too long. This is also why she’s still unmarried because I noticed when I walked up to her that she didn’t have a ring.

(By the way, in case you’re wondering why am I pursuing a degree despite their limitations it’s because I do have a use for my degree and I know how to make it beneficial.) –Derrick Mills (November 25, 2014)

You are the company that you keep.

Smart people learn from their mistakes. Smarter people learn from others' mistakes. Stupid people don't learn from anyone's mistakes including their own.

You get what you deserve.

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