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PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:08 pm 
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Hello Kidd, I read Pimposophy (actually I am writing by hand including gb gem posts) and I am applying it.
I decided to stop chasing pussy from the first day of this year and walking on the path of pimping. Pimp and be happy like Patrice Oneal would say.

My environment is like yours that you describe it in Korea and Vegas (60thousand people city, symping and thirstying 1000% because this fellas here are more than women and impress each other and go out with these bitches, putting them on pedestal and spending money on them like atm machines n shit...I dont want to annoy you with what we call here "pussy wood" when a bitch do not give up the pussy).
Even foreigners here act the same, from central, east europe when came on vacation because of the high thirst (as I told in few post of mine).

Seems that from what I understand in Pimposophies, the "core" is not about having a gift of gab, saying the right thing, ect but "being comfortable in his own skin", not being impressed, intimidated by her beauty or her career/work.

Anyway everytime I saw that a bitch looks at me in the eyes, not once, twice or bite lips at looking at me, I look at her and I smile and say hello, and start to talk to her, like today I did at the library.
I do not leave any kind of contact information because like in Pimposophies you wrote, these bitches do not go anywhere...and I am practicing patience.

So, Kidd, this is what I do:
When I talk to these bitches, I usually try to get information from them and if she came out with a subject I like(example university, workout, ect..), I talk about it and she tend to agree with me or whatever, I touch her on her shoulder like one time or hold her hand for couple of seconds like 5-10 secs(if we shake each other hand)...
funny thing is that I forget that I am talking to her cause I want to fuck her (strange, thinking that I practice no fap from a month and cancelled any pictures/video of bitches).

So what I am asking you Kidd, can you give me few more clarification about talking/conversations with these bitches? (maybe pointing out my mistakes, what I should correct...)

Thank you very much in advance for your patience,
Greetings from Italy!

The more baggage you remove around yourself the more clearly you can perceive others - Altair

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