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PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 8:04 am 
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A few years ago I used to be in the constant presence of a particular woman for about 2 months. She is 8 to 15 years my senior. I was attracted to her. At that time, well let's just say I didn't know about Natural Freedom.

She did a kind act for me years ago and I didn't realize how much her action had affected me until years later. I was in her area a few weeks ago and decided to stop by her work to her thank her for that. She was out on vacation with family.

Today I was in the area and stopped by again. She was there.

She sees me and gives a BIG smile showing all her teeth. We converse and I can feel that a 'spark' is there.

We continue conversing in her office, which she shares with two other employees who were present. We catch up on each others doings and I notice her doing some subconscious signaling: licking her lips; playing with her wedding ring; showing her teeth more times than not; crossing her arms and 'closing off' at time.

I reciprocate when I can at times, which I'm still getting more comfortable with.

After we said our goodbyes, I ran through the experience again and broke it down.

What I saw was that she was definitely interested in me sexually, be it subconscious.
She resisted those feelings at times, and I have two thoughts for why that was the case.
Playing with her wedding ring gestured to signal of it's ON, but also a resistance within herself; her family/marriage.
She crossed her arms at different times which signaled another 'resistant' moment she had with her attraction towards me.
She could have been MIRRORING me.
I remember although I was excited about it all, I was also, not caught off guard, but overwhelmed.
I closed off a bit as well.
Makes me wonder how it would have played out if a was comfortable as a bean bag in that situation.

Before leaving I left my number, not for us to hangout later, but to help the branch if they needed it.
My number is with her, yet I don't feel she will get in touch unless my help is truly needed.
If we were to see each other more regularly, I foresee her subconscious signs would become conscious and she would be faced with a decision. <---- like your drama classmate :)
I would've enjoyed sleeping with her.
Yet I don't intend on going to see her again, unless my help is needed, so it looks like it might end here.

I wanted to run this by you to see how you could possibly speed up this process when you see unconscious signals and you know you might not see each other again?

My thought is to be a bit ballsy, but 'professional' and hint at the obvious without breaking the ice too much. That way her unconscious signals get closer to the conscious and she can know more or less without a doubt that you're in if she's in.

If my analysis is 'off', please let me know as well.

Appreciate it as always,

p.s. fellas I appreciate your inputs as well BUT only after Kidd's

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