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 Post subject: Covert Tactics
PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 7:03 am 
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Intro to Covert Tactics

Greetings everyone. The prodigal son has returned to open your eyes just a little bit wider to what's hap-NIN. The information I'm going to put out is actually very common sense-ish. The problem is that more than half of this stuff is casually dismissed as coincidence, or enough
people try to tell you that you are crazy for thinking this way, so in order to conform and not be outcasted, you relent.

This is exactly what you don't want to do. 80% of the time, that gut feeling you get that usually gets ignored is absolutley right. Society (women in general) have convinced us to listen to what is being said as opposed to what is really going on. Listen to your 'gut' and
let it be your guide to a certain extent. The other 20% is what I'm getting ready to put out.

This is how this series is going to be broken up (tenatively):

Unit 1: Scoping

Chp 1: Observation
Chp 2: Analyzation
Chp 3: Stacking Evidence

Unit 2: Copping

Chp 2: Evoking the 'guilty' plea
Chp 3: Be Honest
Chp 4: Take your time

Unit 3: Keeping

Chp 1: Stay Vigilant
Chp 2: Check that bitch
Chp 3: Finish how you start
Chp 4: Starting Fresh

Unit 4: Advanced Techniques
Chp 1: Ball Stealing
Chp 2: Front Blasting
Chp 3: Clout Circumvention

The key with all of these in order to achieve satisfactory results is to deal with women in or around you 'caste' system. What I mean is, if you are middle class, focus on upper-middle class and lower-middle class. Not to say that you can't pull a rich bitch, but that you will have greater success getting those women in your mix, ya dig?

As I have stated in my 'Pimposophies', the better your front and clout are, the higher quality women will approach you. Of course, you have the occasional X-factor (i.e. a situation that does not fit into the general themes of my writings), but these are a rarity so don't bank on them. But, they can and do happen, so stay alert. It's like winning the lottery or something.

Let me state now that the 'Pimposophies' articles MUST BE READ BEFORE COVERT TACTICS. If not, a lot of Covert Tactics will make no sense whatsoever, so take note. The first article will be
out shortly, so stay turned.

Help is on the way,
The Kidd!!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

 Post subject: Observation
PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 7:05 am 
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In the pimp game, observation is the key. Without the ability to properly observe a situation, the analysis of any given situation will be far from accurate. It also helps to know what you are looking for. The amount of observation neccessary varies per situation. If you are out of town (or out of your environment), you shouldn't spend near as much time observing as you would where you live.

The reason for this is simple. When on vacation, you can afford to make a few mistakes like cold approaches (i.e. very little if any eye contact, etc.), because you aren't going to be there long enough for the consequences to affect you. But, since the majority of us aren't going anywhere anytime soon, I will focus on long term observation.

The first thing you want to do went observing is to set up your 'base of operations'. What I mean is, sit yourself down somewhere, be it school, the club, the mall, whatever, and remain stationary. Fight the temptation to explore your surroundings. This makes you look hungry like the rest of the fellas in there.

Trust me, if a bitch likes what she sees, she will put herself in your perimeter. Just make sure that you are sitting somewhere highly visible. Be the 1st one in the club to get a good seat if you have to. What you want to keep an eye out for is what I call 'the perimeter breach'. This is basically when a girl is all in your area. She will probably glance at you occasionally and jock you on the subtle tip. She is wondering why if all of these other guys are up her ass, why aren't you. How you react to this depends on environmental
factors. If you are out of town, throw your fingers up and beckon that bitch to you. If you are on your home turf, try to chill.

Remember, chances are that the bitch lives there too, and you will probably see her again. This is where patience kicks in. When I go out here in Vegas, I see the same hoes a lot. Even though I've been here a little over a year, I'm still a mystery to them because I don't try to run down every girl I see. This will take some time to get used to, but will pay off in the long run. aren't going anywhere, and neither are they. Drive their curiosity to a fever pitch. When they finally do speak to you or you decide
that they are jocking you so tough that it's time to make that move, the amount of static she gives you (depending on your approach, of course) will be much of nothing.

One key thing to remember is this... women jock men on the sneak the same way we jock them. If you know this, you can use this against them. I have a general rule: If I can see them, then they can see me. If a bitch is on your shit, she will position herself where she can get a good view of you. If you are sitting near the dance floor, and hoes start dancing like right in front of you, chances are they are jocking you. Especially is the dance floor isn't packed and they didn't have to dance right there. The less crowded an environment is, the more 'clean-cut' observations are. If the joint is jumpin', then you will have to rely more on eye contact, proximity, and other subtle factors.

Here is an example: Sometimes when I sit in the mall or in the lounge at school, a bitch that is sitting quite a ways from me will choose to throw some trash away in the can that is in my proximity. No big deal right? WRONG. How about there was a trash can a lot closer to her than mine was. She didn't have to come way over here just to throw away a lollipop stick, then return to her seat. Most people don't think twice about things like that, but they should. That is an excellent example of subtle jocking. If your obsevation skills are not up to par, you would miss that incident and quite a few more which could have been very revealing. I really can't teach observation unless you are in my face.

The best thing to do is to just sit yourself down in the mall or at school and just practice. Watch which hoes decide to sit near you even when there are chairs all over the damn place. How many times a particular broad walks back and forth in front of you for no damn apparent reason at all. Do this for a little while, then try your luck at the club. In the club, however, hoes are a little more aware that they are being watched, and will be a little harder to read. But, if you know what subtleties to look for, it won't be too hard. Soon you won't be getting dissed anymore because you will know exactly which broad(s) actually want to holla at you.

And that, my fledging pimp tight individuals, is the beauty of proper observation.

Get your peep on,
The Kidd!!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

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 Post subject: Analyzation
PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 7:07 am 
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Even the best observations would be rendered useless if they could not be properly analyzed. Analyzation is the action of drawing logical conclusions based on the data you are given. These conclusions are based on past experiences, individuals involved, and the environment.

Do not overlook any details, no matter how meaningless you think it is, or how meaningless some one tells you it is. You need to use and trust the force (i.e. your gut feeling) with these things. With practice, even the littlest clues can prove to be dead giveaways.

Proper analyzation is essential to prospering as a Pimp Tight individual. Who is fake and who is real. Who is jockin' you tough and who could care less. These questions and many more can be answered without asking a single question if you know what to look for and what it means.

Remember, what a person tells you does not always reflect what is going on in their brain. The reason why a sucker is a sucker is because he pays more attention to what someone says as opposed to what they do. The phrase 'Actions speak louder than words' is the slogan to remember here.

For example, let's say you have a homie, and ya'll are pretty cool. Let's say that you notice that they never speak to you first, would walk right by you if you never said anything, tells you about parties 3 days afterwards, and tells you that a broad was asking about you 3 days after she finally decided to tell you herself.

Clearly, this person is not your friend, but he will tell you that he is. If you were to voice your concerns, he would tell you that you are reading to deep into this and are overreacting. This is what he is supposed to say, that way he can keep you under his thumb. If your gut tells you something, and non-verbal evidence backs it up, do not doubt yourself and listen to the hogwash your 'friend' is trying to tell you. Chances are that he ain't much better than the haters you don't associate with.

Conversely, let's say you know this broad who speaks to you everytime she sees you without provocation, usually touches you when she talks to you, and always positions herself where she can get a good look at you. This broad digs you. You don't have to ask her or her friends if she likes you or not. You can draw your own conclusion without compromising your suspicions.

One thing to lookout for is trying to use analyzed subconscious evidence. Sometimes a broad can be giving off the subtle signs and symptoms of jockin', and it may not have conciously hit her yet that she digs you. Strange but true. One needs to learn to differentiate between conscious and subconscious evidence prior to acting upon them. Also, you may have to respond to subconscious signs by consciously being subconscious. Let me explain.

Instead of straight up hollerin' at a broad who is jockin' you by touching you when she talks to you, positioning herself where she can see you, and the like, respond in kind. Touch her when you talk to her (nothing fancy or provocative. Like pat her shoulder or something really 'innocent' and speak to her first every so often (note: When reciprocating, always insure that she does more than you do. If you go below 50%, you are sympin'). This way, you are sending the subconscious message back to her, and hopefully this will eventually prompt her to holla at YOU. Patience is a MUST, as the time it takes for results vary greatly depending on your environment (consult Environmental Factors in 'Pimposophies').

A good anylist does not rule out anything. One needs to look at every possible case and scenario with any and all situations. This leads into my article, 'Stacking Evidence', in which I will discuss this notion further. Stay tuned, true believers!

It's all gravy,
-The Kidd!!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

 Post subject: Stacking Evidence
PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 7:08 am 
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Stacking Evidence

The next logical step when scoping out a potential 'cop' is stacking evidence. This works a lot like our legal system. You can't take someone to court and get a guilty verdict unless you have a little bit of hard evidence or a whole lot of circumstantial evidence. In other words, if you are going to take a chance and approach a broad, make sure that you have paid enough attention to her to know for sure (or as sure as you can possibly be) that she is indeed jockin' you. This should be easy, as all you do is categorize everything that you have observed and analyzed up until that point.

Everytime she does anything that you think could be remotely jockin', commit it to memory. The more obvious it is, the better evidence you have. The more vague it is, the less you have, which means you have to obtain more of it. Let's say that at school this one chick always sits at the table next to you, even when there are plenty of open tables, and glances occasionally. If she does it once, no biggie. Twice, still no biggie. If this continues and forms a regular pattern, however, then you might have something. This evidence is not very strong and doesn't stand on it's own, because you need to take the time to rule out other factors. It's not too far fetched to think that she could be jockin' someone else, especially if you do not sit alone. This is where experimentation come into play.

Switch it up occasionally. Sit at a different table and see if she still sits in your proximity. If so, you have a stronger case. If not, back to square one. The bottom line is, if somebody does something consistently over a given period of time, it is no longer mere coincidence. Everything she does, every glance, every close brush by you when there is plenty of room to get through, every time she sits near you AND sits so you are in her field of vision, every time she asks you what time it is when you are not the only person in the room with a watch...EVERYTHING IS EVIDENCE.

It's like everything she does are sheets of paper. Little things are one sheet, and obvious things are 2 sheets and up, depending just how obvious you deem the action to be. Pretend you are placing these sheets into a manila folder. When you figure that this folder is burstingly full, then it's time to approach. Sometimes, though, by the time it's this thick she may already have said something to you. Depends once again on your environment. Do not dismiss
anything. It's just that the less obvious it is, the more patient you need to be to stack enough of it.

Here's where it gets tricky. Do not confuse subconscious evidence with conscious evidence. She may not be aware just how much she digs you. Should you approach and she decides to front, do not confront her with subconscious evidence, because she will not know what the hell you are talking about. Chances are you will always get more subconscious than conscious, so keep that in mind. But I'll get more into that next time.

In conclusion, scoping is a combination of three things: Observation, Analyzation, and Stacking Evidence (in that order). These three points are the most important in all of Covert
Tactics, as without a good foundation in this, everything else is useless. You can not pull a bitch who is not attracted to you, period. By using these three tools, you will immediately begin to minimize your rejections because you will already know who you should holla at and whoshould be hollerin' at you. No more stabbin' in the dark!, scratch more playing the odds (i.e. 'If I talk to 20 girls, I'm bound to get a couple.')! You will be one step ahead of your competition because you will already know who wants to talk to YOU. It's a beautiful thing, ain't it? How U luv dat?

Until next time,
The Kidd!!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

 Post subject: Evoking the Guilty Plea
PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 7:11 am 
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Evoking the Guilty Plea

This one is not that easy to explain, but it is my duty to attempt to explain it, so here goes. Evoking a guilty plea basically means that you get the broad to submit, admit defeat, raise the white flag and surrender. The time this takes to happen depends on who you are dealing with, your environment, front, and clout factors and how hard the broad is actually jocking you.

It's always nice when a broad just saves you all the trouble and just rolls up on you like she wants it. All you have to do then is return volley. Unfortunately, things aren't always that easy, especially if you are striving to be Pimp Tight. It's hard to get something for nothing. The best way to circumvent all this drama is to ensure that your front/clout factors are up to speed for the environment you are in and that you are as high profile as you can possibly be. Until you can get to this 'status in society', however, you may have to get down into the trenches and engage in mental 'tug 'o war' with you adversaries (i.e. hoes).

Everyone is their own person, and I don't expect anyone to be a cookie cut of me. You are going to have to figure out your own method and style to doing this. As long as you stick to the basic guidelines that I have outlined, shit will be copastetic.

Let's say you have a target in mind. After you have deduced that she is indeed 'on your team', plan your approach. If at all possible, attempt to get her to come to you. Make eye contact, then use your index, middle finger and thumb to 'beckon' the bitch to you. If she
comes, step 1 is accomplished. If she ignores you, acts shitty, or tells you to come to her, EJECT, EJECT! This doesn't mean that the bitch is jockin' you any less that she is. It means that she is used to getting things her way and expects you to act accordingly.

Now, I'm not saying that you can't pull the bitch, I'm just saying that she is going to try to put you through more shit than you would like to deal with. If you have a high tolerance for shit, proceed. These type of hoes are looking for a cake daddy, a captain-save-'em kinda guy. Avoid like the plauge. In some environments, it is better to just go ahead and approach if jockin' is present, then attempt to steal the ball (which will be explained later).

On a positive note, however, once your front and clout become cemented how you want it, this same broad who acted shitty today may try to act right later on down the road. This is due mostly to the Marquee Value Theory. If she tries to act right later, take it how you want to. Me personally, I'll play cool, get that broad for some loot/gifts/favors, then the moment she tries me, curb kick 'em and tell that that's what they get for acting shitty X days/months/years ago. Trust me, some hoes will take years before they decide to try to act right.

Let's say she actually came over. Now where the real fun begins. Keep in mind that while you are talking to her, observe her subconscious signs of jockin' (like stroking her neck, playing with her necklace, very good eye contact, dilated pupils outside at high noon, touching you for no apparent reason, etc.). The presence or lack thereof of these signs let's you know whether you are wasting your time or not without having to look like a dumb ass and ask. Depending on who you are and your immediate goals, you can do a few things, of which I will briefly outline:

Pussy: If all you want to do is hit, and when you are a young man this is usually all you want to do, be straightforward. Be like, what's happenin', blase blah, been seeing you around, you noticing me, me noticing you, blah, blah, blah, well since we are feeling each other here's my number, hit me up. Try to keep it short and sweet. The less blanks you fill in, the more mystique you retain. When she calls, get that bitch to tell you her life story (she probably will anyway). After she does that, she will feel closer to you and all that stuff. Plus you can use some of that imformation to help you really cinch the bitch.

If you really listen to a woman, they will inadvertently tell you what style of pimpin' works on them, be it hard, medium, or soft. I don't mean when they say they like candle lit dinners, massages, flowers and shit like that. I mean how her ex-boyfriend was a dick but she still loves him and she hasn't been sexed right in a minute. If her ex was an asshole and she still loves him, this tells you that you have to be hard and put your foot down every time she tries you. Not being sexed right? You gotz to lay it down. Now, after you bring up sex once, LEAVE IT ALONE. Trust me, the bitch has not forgotten that you want to fuck. She wants to do it too. After a minute, she will start initiating the sex talk. The phone is your friend. If you handle business right on the phone, the next time you see her, she could very well be butt nekkid in your bed.

Money: If your primary goal is loot, it's kinda the same as above except you don't go for the jugular. You know how Too $hort says he collects hoes like baseball cards? This is what he means. You want to be more like a friend. I don't mean like ya'll hang out like your homeboys and shit, unless she is taking you out all the damn time. When ya'll see each other, speak but don't go out of your way to do it. When she calls, talk. Don't worry about calling her, or hoes in general. I can't remember the last time I called a broad first or on a whim. Just be cool and don't push the sex issue. It will come in due time. Just keep stabbin' the hoes you already got until she just can't take it anymore. All you really gotta do is act like them in a sense. Do you remember the last time a girl made you wait to fuck? That was the best shit you ever had, right? Same rules apply to women. Plus they are not used to waiting so it really hits home. In the meantime, they will assume the male role (i.e. taking you out, calling you, dropping hints, etc.) Try to hold out on sexing them as long as you possibly can. Right when she appears to be losing interest, hit it. It will be the best dick she has ever had.

Remember, real pimps don't fuck their hoes all that often, if at all. They get in that bitch's brain and that's where they remain. Once you are in their brain, you will always be there. Now, they can get wrapped up with a symp and vanish for a minute, but they will eventually some back when that weak ass cat finally decides to show his true colors. When she does come back, what you decide to do is up to you. General rule of thumb? If the bitch gotz money and doesn't mind spending it, take her back. Not wholeheartedly, mind you. Make her feel shitty and guilty. This will in turn prompt her to 'make it up to you'. DO NOT ACCEPT SEX FOR AN APOLOGY. Tell that bitch that those new Jordans are sweeeeeeet.

It's turkey time!,
The Kidd!!

P.S. I know this article is pretty general in nature. I will entertain any and all questions as everyone is different and has different goals. Just make sure it's after Thanksgiving,

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

 Post subject: Be Honest
PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 7:13 am 
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Be Honest

It has been said that honesty is the best policy, and I wholeheartedly agree with that. As long as you are straight up with everyone you deal about everything you do, you CANNOT get
caught up. This is what really separates playas from those who are Pimp Tight.

Want to know the fundamental difference between a playa and a pimp? Well, a playaz whole game is based in deception. He has 4-5 broads, and they each think that she is his only girl. He has to duck, dodge, and lie continually to maintain his 'stable'. This, of course, is very
unstable. One slip up and it's curtains. Tires slashed, windows broken, hoes backtalkin''s a fuckin' mess. Personally, I think that being a playa is entirely too much work.

Being Pimp Tight is soooo much easier. All you gotta do is tell the truth. It's that simple. For example, let's say that a playa and a Pimp Tight individual are confronted by one of their jealous hoes who has gotten wind that they are seeing other people. The playa is gonna
deny, deny, deny and basically set himself up for failure. The pimp, on the other hand, will say, "Yeah, I talk to so-and-so, but she ain't here right now and it don't change what you want to do so now what's hat-NIN?" See the difference? No stress, no fibbery and 9 times out of ten, the broad will comment.

See, we as men grow up thinking that we can't let a woman know about other women or else we will lose this woman. This is not entirely true. If the bitch is truly on your nutz (which my previous articles give you a crash course on how to discern this), as long as you are straight up with her, she won't go anywhere. In fact, she will dig you even more because you are a real man and ain't about no bullshit. That is the beautiful part.

All you have to do is be 'bout it from jump. When you and the broad make 1st contact, set the tone immediately. Let her know indirectly (or directly, it's your call) that you do date and aren't interested in having a girlfriend. If the broad understands this and still calls, you officially have a woman in your stable (once you cinch it up, of course). There is no way you can possibly fuck this up unless you decide to start lying. If that happens, you are then on borrowed time because everything comes to light eventually.

Now, you don't have to go around volunteering information, unless you are cocky like me. Sometimes I'll tell a broad, "Yeah, I just sexed this one girl 2 days ago." Did she care? Not really. Does she still call? But of course. It ain't no different than wanting to fuck a
bitch with a boyfriend or husband, it's just that the roles are reversed. Hoes want dick MORE than we want pussy. And if it's your dick they want, the fact that you are giving it to someone else in the meantime ain't stoppin' nothing. See, hoes have had men programmed like it would do something all this time so that they could be in control. After you read this, the buck stops here.

Alas, I digress. Like I was saying, volunteering information is unecessary. But, if the broad asks you something, whatever it is (I cannot stress this enough), ANSWER TRUTHFULLY. Not only will it save you some explaining later, but her respect for you will grow with each and every brutally frank explanation you give. I cannot put into words how well this works. You just gotta trust me and try it.

The best way I've found to really get the ball rolling is to say something to the effect of, "It is apparent that we dig each other, and I don't mean that in a 'let's-be-friends' kinda way. So, before we get any farther, what are you looking for?" She could answer this a few
ways, like she wants a boyfriend, or just wants to fuck, or whatever. The key here is to be truthful. If she says she is looking for a relationship, let her know that you are not. Be like, "Well, that's not the frame of mind I'm in right now." See, a girl will always try to get you to work for some pussy. When you nonchalantly say what I just did, it just kills them. It makes them think that you could care less if ya'll fuck or not and really delivers some serious
brain damage.

What happens next is beautiful. Then you tell her that ya'll can be cool. This doesn't mean that you go out of your way to chill with her. Trust me, she will come to you. Her goal is to try to get into your system where you will lean the way she wants you to. This is how you can get paid. She will call, invite you to do things, all kinda shit. All you gotta do is play cool and watch things develop. She might test you every now and again, but just be a man and put your foot down when you are supposed to and things will be gravy. And if she gets mad and leaves you alone, what have you lost? Nothing, and probably saved a lot of time and money trying to hit. Plus she might have spent some cheese on you anyway. So actually, you come out ahead. Lovely.

On the flip side, if one of the girlz your are stabbin' were to ask you what you did the other day, and you were stabbin' someone else, you can tell her if you want. I do. It just reinforces that you are not just sitting at home waiting to hear from her. It keeps them on their toes. Women want desirable men, just as we want desirable women. What can be more desirable than a man who is dealing with more than one woman, is honest with them, and they still deal with him?

In closing, being honest is its own benefit. It protects you from any type of backlash, and your women know that if nothing else, they always know what is really happening with you. This is simple in concept, yet trying in execution, as this method of operating in far from the norm. Then again, if you have turly swallowed the red pill, there is no turning back now. So read this and practice your building jumping and lightsabering. The more you do it, the more comfortable it will become.


Call it like you see it,
The Kidd!!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

 Post subject: Take Your Time
PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 7:17 am 
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Take Your Time

Patience is a virtue, and when striving to be Pimp Tight, patience is a neccesity. This one is pretty cut and dried, though it will still be challenging to accept and incorporate considering that the culture we've been born in raised in is based on instant gratification.

Let's face it: No one likes to wait for anything they want. But sometimes (especially in this game), waiting to cop a broad gives you a much tighter cop than if you had moved sooner. Remember that movie Twiins? When Arnold would always say, "You moved too soon."? Well, just like when whoever moved too soon caught it in that movie, if you move too soon, you might catch absolutely nothing but a headache. It takes time and practice to learn exactly what to say when, but when you finally develop that knack to go with your patience, the rewards are great and long-term. Which takes me back to a favorite quote of mine from Iceberg Slim's epic novel, "Pimp" (which, in case you don't know, is required reading).

"If you chase a whore, you get a chump's weak cop,
If you stalk a whore, you get a pimp's strong cop."

What this means is that if you pursue a female blatanly and obviously (like most guys do), you are gonna get taken. Sure, you might get the pussy, but not much else. And if you get the pussy, you still really haven't gotten anything. But, if you see a chick you like, then take the time to determine whether she is jocking you or not, then the ball in your possesion. This is where patience comes in.

Unlike guys, just because a female is on your jock doesn't mean that she will act right away. You have to remember that women, especially fine ass hoes, get dick offered to them daily. This is why women are so passive, because they can afford to be. Besides, if she is jocking you on the subconcious tip, it will take that much longer for her to realize that she actually does like you in that way (sad, but true).

If you have concluded that she is jocking, two things you can do. One, if you are high profile enough, is to kick back and chill and hopefully she will approach you or you can get her to come talk to you. Or two, make first contact then concentrate on 'stealing the ball' in the future.

Either way, once you all are talking, be nonchalant. She expects you to be all up her ass, hell, every other guy she talks to is. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. This is where you throw the curve ball. Don't let her know you like her consciously, let her know unconsciously. But only do it in reciprocation. If she is talking to you and she touches you, make it a point to touch her back before the conversation is over. Just a pat on the shoulder or a squeeze on the arm will do. Enough of this will mess her head up, because she will be subconsciously receiving signs that you are not consciously backing up. Over time [the amount of which varies on Marquee Value Theory, Clout/Front/Environmental factors, and Symp 'n' Salt
factors (aka haters)], she will eventually fold and when she does, it will be damn near forever.

Remember when a girl you liked made you wait forever before you fucked, and when you finally did, you were hooked? Same principle applies here. If you give them what they want too soon, they lose interest a lot quicker than if you waited.

Another good thing about taking your time is that the sex will be good to her no matter if you bust quicker than minute rice. Everyone knows that sex is more mental than physical. If you take the time and massage that brain right, you can't lose. It's like getting a car you've wanted for a long time. Even though it might drive like a piece of shit with wheels on it, you would still justify keeping it much longer than a car that you really didn't want in the first place. In fact, the car you didn't want might even ride better, but since it's not what you really wanted, you still are not happy.

Apply that line of thinking to hoes. You could fuck a bitch whose been jocking you for a minute for 2 hours and you could fuck a bitch whose been on your nutz for a while for 20 minutes, and I'll bet you that the 2nd broad would defintely get more out of it than the first.
I haven't really tore some pussy up in a minute, but the hoes I deal with now defintely act a lot better and do a lot more than the girlfriend (whose pussy I was KILLIN'!) I had 4 years ago.

Now, chillin' out is not as mundane as it sounds. Trust me, there will be other broads who will fill the void while the top dollar hoes are figuring out what they really want. Plus, these so called 'friends' of yours will cook for you, take you out, buy you stuff, and you're not even fucking them! In all absolute honesty, the longer you take to fuck a bitch, the longer you will be able to keep that bitch, 'cause curiosity is a muthafuckah.

Matter of fact, you can actually reverse the roles on them. They will be trying to kiss you and you will be like, "I think we are moving to fast." Boy, now that is some good shit. I'm not saying not to fuck the bitch. I'm just saying make sure that you are pimpin' her good before you do. I'm gonna end this with some examples for you to chew on.

One of my broads I haven't even kissed yet. This girl shows up at my work place with dinner, takes me out to eat/movies, I can walk into her work and order damn near anything on the menu. The best part is, she is all about taking it slow, which is cool because I'm gonna get a lot of goodies before I have to do any 'work' (aka stabbin')! You gotta love that. In the meanwhile, there is this other broad who I knew was on my nuts a year ago, but she was out of state so I played the 'Hi/Bye' game. I would see her like once every 4 months at a club or something. Never pursued, never asked/gave phone numbers. This last new year's eve, she finally folded and gave me the number. This broad took me out to eat/movies, then commenced to slob my knob. THEN, she flew out to see me for Valentine's Day, and calls me every night 'just to hear my voice'. The other day, she had an orgasm just sitting around her crib thinking about me. Ahhh...It's a beautiful thing.

In closing, taking your time may take some getting used to, but the rewards are lovely. Think of it as sacrificing today for a better tomorrow.

How U luv DAT?
The Kidd!!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

 Post subject: Stay Vigilant
PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 7:19 am 
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Stay Vigilant / Check that Bitch

This article is gonna be pretty straightforward. The whole concept behind staying vigilant is just being aware that just because you copped a broad doesn't mean that the game is over. Remember, a broad's job is to see just how much rope they can get from you. Knowing this, it is essential to keep your guard up and your eyes open.

You're gonna have to pay attention to little shit. Shit that most folks just dismiss as coincidence or something (read 'observation'). Remember, everything happens for a reason. For example, if a bitch that was acting fine and dandy last week starts trippin' for no apparent reason this week, chances are that she has options (meaning some symp ass bustas are up her ass and inflating her head to max PSI). To this, you can either say nothing and let it ride (because after all, you really don't NEED the bitch), or you can blow that bitch brain and tell her that you know what's going on and if she don't straighten up and fly right, she will lose the one guy that she knows ain't fulla shit.

Personally, I'd tell the broad that I don't mind her dealing with other guys, just recognize who you are dealing with and act accordingly. Actually I encourage it. Say some shit like, "You have the busters to kiss your ass and you have me when you get sick of their whiny shit. Between us, you have the perfect man."

In that situation, she is trying to get you to bow down to her 'pussy power'. Sure, you can sucker out so you can keep fuckin' her, but why? You're gonna put up with her shit then make her day by givin' her some dick? Yeah right! Better tell that broad take a hike. One of two
things will happen, one of which being that she will relent and act right.

Actually, she will act better because you have just assumed the 'Daddy' role whether you know it or not. Bitches by nature don't want a pussy ass man. They just stay with them 'cause they got loot and end up cheatin' on them with a guy like you. When you put your foot down when you are supposed to, you earn that broad's respect. Now, she won't TELL you this, so don't ask. You'll be able to tell by the way she will act following the incident.

The other thing that could happen is she will disappear. When she leaves, DO NOT TRY TO GET HER BACK. I don't care if she is your only bitch. That is what she is waiting for you to do. Just let her ride out and deal with your 'options'. By you leaving her be, you reinforce what you have been saying about how you don't need the bitch. She will discover soon enough that these other guys she thinks have you beat aren't shit compared to you. How long this takes depends on how much experience the bitch has had with men and how smart she is. Trust me, one day she will be back, whether it's next week or next year. It'll trip you out, too.

The best way to check a bitch is verbally. Fuck what you heard, a verbal beatdown is much worse and lasts a lot longer than 'Ike-in' a bitch. Now, if the broad tries to physically harm you, that's different...IKE THAT BITCH. But never hit first or just over words. That just shows that you could'nt think of nothin' to say to verbally butcher the broad.

When it is 'checkout' time, have your ammo ready. The ammo I'm referring to is all the shit she's done, be it obvious or subtle, to try you. If you are vigilant, you will have more than enough ammo to demolish the broad's brain. Brain damage is cool. Address whatever she did to piss you off, then bring up all the little shit that you noticed but didn't speak on to prove your 'conspiracy' theory. Trust me, it works wonders. It's kinda like rubbin' a puppy's nose in shit. Check the broad as soon as she tries you or you will regret it later.

Don't be afraid to check a bitch. Hoes take guys nuts everyday, why can't we grab a few ovaries, hmmm? If you don't check her, you will lose ground and never be able to regain it. If that happens, it's all downhill. Like everything else, the more you do it, to better you get at it.

It's checkout time!,
The Kidd!!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

 Post subject: Finish How You Start
PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 7:20 am 
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Finish How You Start

The number one reason why most relationships don't last is because someone wasn't being their 'true self' from the get go. Unfortunately, the guilty party is usually us...the men. Women, being the pimps they are, always tell us what they are looking for when they deal with someone. Men, on the other hand, will emulate whatever the woman's 'ideal' man is until they achieve their objective, then flip the script. Then they wonder why their car windows are broken and their tires are slashed.

Most guys do whatever they feel it's gonna take to get some drawlz. Then, when the mission is accomplished, who they really are take over and the problems begin. The most common issue is that of affection.

Initially, the male usually will be overly affectionate. Always hugging the broad on sight, flowers, complements, the whole "wine and dine" 9. Most broads fall for this, and things are cool for a minute. Then, as the male becomes complacent, he lets his guard down, and slacks up on the affection. Then, all of a sudden, the girl he is dealing with starts trippin' and he can't understand why.

The reason is because the man that this chick got with was the guy who hugged her everytime he saw her, and brought her flowers every other day, and washed her car and stuff. The moment this activity ceases, guess what? That male is no longer the same man she 'loves'.

This is the shit that needs to stop. It is unecessary and tedious. Hopefully, if you have read everything else I've written, you can tell when a broad is on your jock and how to act accordingly, instead of sugary-sweet.

If you can finish how you start, life will be beautiful. When you meet a broad, and you deduce that she is jockin', be straight up from jump. Outline your 'terms of engagement'. Let her know that you date, ain't looking for a steady, don't pay on dates, whatever, and for her to proceed at her own risk. If she accepts, cool. If not, ya'll can be 'cool', and she will eventually beat herself up anyway cause she won't be sexually attracted to you any less.

Worst case senario is the broad will just leave you alone. What have you lost? Probably quite a few headaches. In order to have dealt with that broad, you couldn't have been yourself. Eventually, you get tired of playing a role, and the bitch woulda tripped then. Players are really good at this, but for me personally, this is too much work and I gotz better things to do. I don't worry about broads...they worry about me.

For an example, women that deal with me know that I do not call on a whim, just to say hi or any of that mushy bullshit. I tell them if they call me and leave a message, I'll call them back, but never out of the blue. If they choose to deal with me, this is something they
accept. Therefore, I never have to hear, "Why don't you call me?".

Apply that example and relate it to yourself. Is there something you don't normally do, but do when you are dealing with a broad because you feel you have to? Guess what? YOU DON'T HAVE TO. Refer to the Marquee Value Theory. She is the one missing out, not you.

Let's say you are dealing with a broad who starts catching feelings and you don't. She has no reason to get shitty with you, because you haven't been feeding her bullshit. Yet and still, she will try you, because every other guy she gave some pussy to suckered out sooner or later. Guess what? You're not that sucker. You told her from jump that you date and are not trying to get serious with anyone, correct? All you have to do then is throw that disclaimer in her face and tell her to shut that shit up. She might storm out, but hey, you'll be suprised how quickly she comes back. All she was trying to do was re-negotiate the contract.

All you did was remind her that the terms of the contract are non-negotiable.

It's that simple,
The Kidd!!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

 Post subject: Starting Fresh
PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 7:21 am 
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Starting Fresh

This one is gonna be short and sweet. Basically, there is gonna come a time where one of your broads is gonna wanna vacate. You're gonna do what you can to coerce her to stay on the team, but this time it doesn't work. If she leaves, don't try to chase her down. Let her ride.

First of all, it could be a bluff. She might be trying to steal the ball or trying to pull the hoe card she thinks you are holding and bluffing on. Should this broad get even a hint of an impression that you need her, you are in big trouble, cause she will go from annoying to downright unruly. You are better off just letting her bounce and starting fresh on some new hoes.

There's always the chance that she will come back later, if whatever she had planed doesn't pan out. Should this occur, act accordingly. My other articles can guide you on that line of action. You can think about it, ponder it, maybe even predict it, but NEVER count on it,
because if it doesn't happen, you just lost your bet and whatever you had riding on it.

This is one of those "It's not the end...this is only the beginning" type of things. Whereas this ends Covert Tactics, the game starts all over again. I don't worry about losing broads. Why? I look at it like that means that there is a better one out there just waiting to spoil me, ya dig? Such is the Pimp Tight life. I could have 3 hoes today, nothing next week, and 4 broads next month. You gotta take the bad with the good.

Although you may have a couple that will be down for you no matter what, cop and blow is still the name of the game. People still go out and get new clothes/shoes even though the old ones are still in good condition, ya dig? Just stay on your toes when dealing with deez hoes and everything else will be gravy.

That's all folks!!,
The Kidd!!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

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